Hashpa'ah/Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is the practice of tuning in and opening to the presence, flow and guidance of spirit through the unfolding journey of your life. This is a place to explore your relationship with Spirit/God Goddess/the universe, to journey on the path of healing and growth, and to expand your embodied spiritual listening skills, tapping into your inner guidance and intuition.

This is a space to bring your full authentic, vulnerable, and powerful self – and to be met and received with loving presence, spacious curiosity and supportive inquiry.

Contact me for a free trial session.

I have been on the path of spiritual direction for many years, and am a certified Mashipa/Spiritual director, through the Aleph ordination program, and graduated from the 3 year training in January 2023.

Sessions are held either in person in Boulder CO or on Zoom.

I look forward to embarking on this magical journey with you who feel called to dive in!