Mentoring for Spiritual Leaders

As a spiritual leader, it is an ongoing journey to find my own spiritual nourishment and to keep my vessel open and ready to serve. Showing up with presence requires an open-hearted vulnerability which is made possible by the continuous inner work, processing the material that comes up for attention and healing. 

This journey can be true for anyone, yet for spiritual leaders there is a different twist, holding the leadership energy for others while simultaneously being a human with personal needs, desires of the heart and longings of the soul. A spiritual leader is first a spiritual seeker who adventures into the realms of spirit and returns with insight and inspiration, learning the pathways of prayer consciousness and developing the skills and toolkit for taking others with them.

As a mentor I am honored to support and accompany leaders in their own spiritual exploration, holding an open space for the personal healing Journey to unfold, and for the soul to shine through. 

Contact me to explore if mentoring might be a good fit.